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Tower Prep Prompt Meme
So the Kink meme kinda died, well I wasn't a very good mod anyways was I. Oh well I suppose these things happen. If anyone actually still checks this I'll be keeping the prompts and fills up. People can still fill and prompt should anyone feel like it. Welp that's that.

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Spoilers for "The Rooks"

Gabe/Ian from Jeremy's POV

I would totally love to see a fiction from Jeremy's POV on Gabe/Ian. Maybe his thought process which lead him to getting both Ian and Gabe into the Rooks? Or prehaps after when he is planning hs revenge on Gabe for ruining his "break dance" plans?

Any rating is fine with me.

Thank you so much for starting this meme, btw. It was really needed. :)

Spoilers for "The Rooks"


After witnessing how...good Gabe is at being submissive, Ian just can't seem to shake the naught scenerios from his mind. ;)

Basically, I would like Dom!Ian & Sub!Gabe with a good helping of claiming and owning. Because, you know, Ian's got possessive of Gabe what with the Jeremy and the other Rooks were eyeing him.

Re: Spoilers for "The Rooks"

I am attempting to fill this. I'm not sure how much it will be what you want, but I'm giving it my best shot.

Re: Spoilers for "The Rooks"

*hugs* Thank you! You're my bestest Tower Prep friend ever!

Re: Spoilers for "The Rooks"

No, thank you! This prompt got me to 50k+ <3<3<3<3

Re: Spoilers for "The Rooks"

Done! It was too big to post here

ian/cal - hate sex or non-con w/ dom!cal in the locker room

Ian/Gabe, Ian has a secret kink for Gabe hypersuading him

woo-hoo, so this is pure fluff, but I would be willing to write a sequel about what goes down when they get back to the dorms! hope you like :)

When Ian walked into their room, Gabe was sitting at his desk with his legs crossed. Gabe flicked his eyes up from the book he was reading just as Ian closed the door, and smiled. Instantly Ian’s legs went tingly, then numb, and he found himself walking toward Gabe. He gritted his teeth and tried to concentrate on closing his eyes, looking away, stopping his feet from moving, but nothing worked. He was moving forward; one step, two, three – and then, just like that he was free. He looked around the room and then back at Gabe, who was about a foot away. Gabe’s smile had dropped, and he blushed and looked away pointedly before clearing his throat.

“Ian, man I am so sorry! I didn’t realize, you must have – Were you with CJ, or- Ah, never mind, I actually have to run to the, uh, place that… is not here! Bye!”

And with a flurry of limbs he was gone, knocking his chair over in a hurry.

It took a second for Ian’s head to clear, and when he did he looked down and saw that he was very, obviously hard. Oh, God, he thought, turning and climbing into his bed. Oh God, oh God, he thought, sliding under the covers and pulling them up over his head. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, he thought, shimmying off his pants and sticking his hand into his boxers. Oh God, God, God, he thought, squeezing himself hard, stroking quickly. Oh God, oh God, oh Gabe, he whispered, as his legs tensed and he came over his hand, on his stomach.

Ian wiped his hand clumsily on his sheet, and curled tighter under his blankets. His stomach hurt, and he was embarrassed and he wanted to stay in this bed forever.

Everything had fallen apart this afternoon, when he’d been in the observatory with CJ. He was telling her about Gabe’s plan to practice his hypersuasion on him, how Gabe would come at him at random points in the day until he could turn it on in an instant. As he was talking though, he saw CJ’s eyes searching his face, reading him.

“What?” he’d said, trying to relax his muscles, turn his face into a mask. “What do you see?”

CJ had smiled, then, and bit her lip. “Um. I don’t know. I could be reading this wrong, but… Your pupils are dilating, your face is pinker, which suggests an increase in heart rate, and you’re smiling, even though you’re not exactly happy about this plan. I’m reading… that you have a crush.”

Ian’s stomach dropped, and he swallowed hard, puzzle pieces falling into place in his head. His fingers dancing on Gabe’s shoulder while he shielded him from Whisper, the rolling ache in his stomach while watching Gabe wait up for the Rooks, the flare of anger when he saw Gabe cleaning the floor, the warm calm that settled on him when he saw Senor Guapo nestled in the crook of Gabe’s arm while he slept… “What?” Ian said, “On… what?”

“Well… I don’t want to insinuate anything, but,” CJ tried to fight off another smile. “We were talking about the Siren girls, and homework and Coach History, and I didn’t read anything out of the ordinary - confusion, boredom, frustration. But then, you bring up Gabe and it all melts away. You’re suddenly a sunbeam.”

Ian coughed, and felt his face heating up. “Do you think… Is this maybe another hypersuasion thing?”

CJ shook her head, “No, I don’t think so. He’s not even here, and besides, that’s not how his powers work at all. And just for the record, you don’t believe that either.”

Frustrated, Ian slumped his shoulders and sat down. “Well, what do I do? Will they send me to West Campus for this? Is Gabe even…”

CJ patted Ian on the shoulder, and gave him a hug. “They can’t punish you for having a crush, Ian. And as for Gabe, you’ll have to talk to him yourself.”

Just then Ian heard the door click open, and he was brought back to the present, where he was curled up under his sheets, having just jacked off to the look in Gabe’s eyes as he hypersuaded him. Ian lay still as a stone, hoping that Gabe would just leave him and let him die of embarrassment.

The room was quiet as Gabe walked in, and suddenly Ian felt a weight on the end of his bed. “Ian, come on, get out from under there.”

Ian was silent, and Gabe cleared his throat. “Ian, listen, I know that it’s not so great under there, now come on, don’t make me take off that blanket myself.”

All of a sudden, Ian was overcome with that familiar tingle, and he watched as his arms shot up and lifted the blanket from over his head.

“Now talk to me,” said Gabe.

Ian felt the tension rush out of him and he opened his mouth, letting his thoughts pour out. “Gabe, this is going to freak you out because I’m your roommate and I never really said anything about this before, and neither did you, and if you want to change rooms after this, I get it, and you’ll never want to speak to me again and I get that to, and there’s Suki, and what if she-”

Gabe put a hand on Ian’s ankle and looked into his eyes, “Focus, Ian.”

“Right, well. The thing is I’ve always been kind of a loner, but it’s because of this preflex thing, I’ve always felt different and alone, but if I managed to control everything and take charge, I could get through alright, you know? And I did, but the thing is, it’s such a big weight, having to control everything, but then all of a sudden I wake up and I’m here and everything’s being done for me and I feel stripped of everything I was, and I hated it so much. But then I met you and CJ and Suki, and I learned that if we all work together I don’t have to carry this weight by myself and that was so nice, but then I still wanted to be the leader, and I knew you guys needed me, but I didn’t know if you knew how much I needed you. I mean CJ’s so strong and warm and brave, and Suki’s adorable and she’s so smart and she feels like a sister that I never had, but then there’s you. And you’re so funny and charming and earnest, and you’re not afraid to ask for help, which is so amazing to me. And before I thought it was just a friend thing, but then we started the hypersuasion drills and I realized that when you tell me what to do, it gets me hot. I don’t have any of that weight, but I totally trust you so it’s not awful like it is at Tower where I don’t know anything. Because when I’m under your spell, I don’t know anything except for the fact that you’re going to make sure nothing happens to me, and fuck, I’d gladly write you an essay, but I’d way rather make you feel good, as good as you make me feel.”

Ian was done, then, and Gabe looked away. As soon as he did, Ian felt cut loose and his stomach dropped as if he was jumping off a cliff. Part of him was angry at Gabe for forcing him to talk, but another part of him, a bigger part realized that Gabe wasn’t telling him what to say. A second later Ian’s preflex went off and he saw Gabe standing up to leave. He reached out and grabbed Gabe’s arm before he could stand, and looked at him in the eyes, “Before you go, I just want to say I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin-“

Gabe held up his other hand and quirked up his lips in a half-smile. “Relax, Archer. I was just getting up to do this.” He grabbed Senor Guapo from his desk and gently turned him over so his face was covered. “I didn’t want the Guap to see what I was going to do next.”

Before Ian had a chance to ask what, Gabe had grabbed his shoulders and pulled him in for a kiss. Ian climbed up out of the blankets to move closer to Gabe, snaking an arm around his waist, tilting his head to kiss him deeper. Just as they were moving to lay down, Ian and Gabe’s PDA’s went off simultaneously. They reluctantly broke apart to grab them and saw a message from Suki on the screen. Observatory, now?

“Should we go?” Gabe said.

Ian shrugged, then nodded. “Yeah, we have plenty of time for this later.”

When they showed up in the observatory, CJ and Suki were waiting. CJ stepped forward and searched their faces, before breaking into a sunny smile and nodding at Suki. “Disheveled hair, red faces, glasses askew, I think we’re ready for a little celebration!”

Gabe snorted, “We could have been fighting, what if we’d been fighting?”

Suki grinned, “Well, she forgot to mention the swollen lips and giant smiles. Cupcakes anyone?” she said, producing a giant plate.

Ian raised his eyebrows, “How’d you swing those?”

“I need a dozen cupcakes, Art’s birthday is coming up.” Suki said in a perfect imitation of Headmaster.

Gabe grinned, grabbing one and shoving it in his mouth. “I’m going to ignore the fact that you two are way too invested in our personal lives, and have one of these.”

Ian grabbed one as well, looking around happily at his best friends, and one that was now, more than that.

I don't just like this, I love it! This is pretty much exactly what I was hoping for when I made this request. If you feel the need to write a sequel I will be the last person to complain :-D

Gabe and Suki get together, and Ian can't figure out why this bothers him so much. When CJ proposes that they take their relationship to the next level, he agrees, but it doesn't take him long to realize that just one of his friends isn't enough...
Gabe/Ian/CJ/Suki! Foursome in the observatory! Yay!

Pssst, you've got anonymous commenting off.


Virgin!Ian. Not-a-virgin!Gabe. Ian's surprised to learn that Gabe isn't as inexperienced as he is (and neither is Suki, but that's another story).

OH SNAP! I'll fix that now, thankies :)

In the episode "Buffer", Ian is so totally jealous of Gabe's admiration of the buffer player (I think his name is Cal).

...And, uh, yeah, make a fic out of this, please!

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